James Ruffell. Cinematographer working in feature films, commercials and documentaries.

Liz Earle - Commercial
Fool Me Once - Commercial
PictureHouse Cinemas - Commercial
Oman Air - Commercial
Costa Coffee - Commercial
Betway - Commercial
Shipbuilders - Short
The Clothes Show - Commercial
Shell - Commercial
The Four Warriors - Feature
A Sicilian Dream - Feature
Book One - Short
The Dead & The Damned - Short
The Fated Dinner - Short
The Onania Club - Feature
Renault - Commercial


James is a London based Cinematographer, working for over a decade in the film industry.
He has worked extensively on feature films, commercials, documentaries and music promos all over the World.

Having progressed resolutely through the camera team ranks, James has become an accomplished Director of Photography. Starting his career as a focus puller then progressing to camera operator and then DOP. As a DOP, alongside commercial projects, James began shooting 2nd unit within features, these credits include The Four Warriors and A Sicilian Dream. In 2016 James travelled to Hollywood to shoot his first feature film as main unit DOP, The Onania Club, for director Tom Six (infamous director of The Human Centipede trilogy).

In commercials James has worked mainly in fashion, beauty and vehicles. Clients include Renault, Lincoln, Shell, Picturehouse, Liz Earle, Betway and Costa Coffee.

This body of varied work has given James considerable experience operating a vast variety of technical equipment including all popular digital cinema cameras, grip and lighting. This coupled with James' natural eye for lighting, artistic flare, ability to problem solve, and efficiency make him a much sought after Cinematographer.


Tel. 07808 895195

Email. james@jamesruffell.com